Deciphering Origin and Establishment of Yaponesians mainly based on Genome Sequences

文部科学省科学研究費補助金 新学術研究( 複合領域) 2018 ~ 2022 年度

 What is Yaponesian?

In Latin language, “Yapo” means Japan, “Nesia” means islands. Toshio Shimao, a novelist who lived in Amami Oshima for a long time , combined this two terms and advocated it in 1960s. 


Research overview 


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There was first wave of immigration to Yaponesia (Japanese Archipelago) about 40’000 years ago, followed by several more waves afterwards. In this time frame, we try to understand what kind of ethnic groups the Japanese Archipelago humans were originated from, and how the process of it’s establishment and development in Yaponesia took place, by determining and conducting comparative analysis on the genomic sequences of 500 modern humans selected from various area, and 100 ancient humans of Paleolithic - Historic times, to further elucidate the Yaponesian Genome history. Together with the analysis on human, we also elucidate the history of animals and plants immigrated to Yaponesia, by the genomic sequence comparison. We reconstruct the details of history for the past population fluctuations by the existing or newly developed methods estimating by genomic sequences. To investigate the Yaponesians history from various directions, our genome research team collaborates with the Archaeological research team incorporating the age dating method, and the linguistic research team analyzing the Japanese•Ryukyu dialects. From the collaborations we establish the new research filed integrated with social science and science. 

This research received the grant from MEXT (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology), as a New Academic Field Research, titled as “Elucidating the Origin and Establishment of Yaponesians” (Abbreviated as: Yaponesian Genome). The slide file of the press conference on 10th Sep. 2018 is available here → ダウンロード


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